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July 18, 2018



So when's your autobiography coming out, Andy?

Andy Goodliff

Terry, oh I'm still to young - I'm definitely not going to do a Ken Branagh who wrote his at 27 I think! Wait another 30 years at least! And so far mine has been anyway near as interesting or significant and may not turn out to be.

John Rackley

There is too much opaqueness, hurt, fallen empires and defeated hopes around for that trend to continue but
For that that trend to re-emerge it would need more self-aware and contemplative pastors;
Less would need to arrive at retirement exhausted and feeling their covenant relationship with the Union was still active
And the Baptist movement would need to be less theologically bland, encourage its polarities and discover a new identity in the power of polyphony, as suggested by Craig Gardener in his latest book, Melodies for a new monasticism.

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