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October 06, 2015


Kim Fabricius

Lovely, Andy. Thanks.

You may (or may not!) know that I've written over a dozen or so of these Jesus/Peter sketches during my ministry (several posted at Connexions) which I used in worship. And I was very fortunate to have two members of my congregation in Swansea who were made for the respective parts.

I've met and engaged with John Bell on several occasions. On the first, when he was lecturing at Swansea University where I was a chaplain, I sheepishly confessed to him that I'd been plagiarising his genre and asked if it was okay. "Sure," he replied, and then invited me to send him some of my sketches. Which I did. Shortly after, I received a postcard from him, which was keep-up-the-good-work encouraging. And on the picture side of the postcard, which was an aerial photo of Edinburgh, he'd circled the building where he and Graham Maule had worked together on the dialogues.

Great guy -- and great gift to the church -- is JB.

Andy Goodliff

Thanks Kim, I'll try and track down some of your conversations. I love the JB/GM ones. I find it a great medium to do theological reflection.

Andy Goodliff

I did one between Jesus and Mary here: http://andygoodliff.typepad.com/my_weblog/2015/02/jesus-and-mary-an-off-the-record-conversation.html

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