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May 08, 2013


John Rackley

Good to remind us of the resource from the Union which helps a church consider its approach to the issues of human sexuality. Sad to relate that it has been around for a while and has not been well-taken up by churches.
Good to know that we are 'struggling' and 'wrestling' with 'graciousness'; hope this is not just a series of words that are like 'being on a journey' which in the end become empty of meaning because nothing actually changes! And just a question: I can see that there are pastoral and missional matters here to consider but can we also talk of simply being with people who are in Christ as we all are?

Ted Last

As a gay person I wholly mistrust the Church. I resent being treated as though I'm a freak and that somehow you need "four approaches" to deal with the problem. We are human beings like the rest of you , the only difference is that our sexual orientation is different. Deal with us in the same way as you would other people and ignore the fact that we are gay. We have the same feelings, hopes, problems as everyone else.

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