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December 18, 2012



Sorry, but have I understood this correctly? BUGB, on its knees financially, and facing major cuts in funding towards Home Mission and staff in Didcot and Associations, has decided to make a significant investment in a history project? Do we know the exact amount BUGB are contributing to this project?

I realise understanding our story is important, and I appreciate that historical research has a role to play in this process, but this does seem a bewildering priority for a movement which claims to be in ‘transition for mission.’

Andy Goodliff

The Newington Court money is a designated fund, its not in general funds (BU sold Newington Court a few years back and interest is used to fund specific projects). I'm not sure how much has come from Newington Fund (not much I imagine out of the total). Trevor I think I'd disagree this unrelated to mission. As a Baptist people we do next to nothing in terms of theology and history in comparison to other 'denominations', I don't be-grudge this small amount of money being used in this way.

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