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April 03, 2012


Andrew Mumford

Good stuff, Andy, vintage Gunton. Do you know of anywhere in his writings that he discusses church polity or congregational polity in particular? I'd be interested to know what he made of it, as he was a Presbyterian (URC minister?) I think.Can he (or any other theologian) help us in holding together inter-dependence and independence?

Andy Goodliff

In terms of Gunton not really if at all, but he was a definitely a dissenter and URC one at that.

In terms of the theology we're looking for - I think its largely there in Fiddes, Tracks and Traces, Haymes et al, On Being the Church, but it may need writing in a different key ... I'm looking forward to seeing what Steve Holmes offers in Baptist Theology (published later this month), he makes some good sense on church meetings in his paper in Questions of Identity

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