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April 02, 2012


Mike Tapper

Hi Andy. My name is Mike Tapper. I am a PhD student at University of Ottawa: Saint Paul. Recently, I came across your blog and am following it with interest. I am in the early writing stages of a dissertation that focusses on the contribution of Colin Gunton's (and Miroslav Volf's) trinitarian ecclesiology to Canadian evangelicalism. With this in mind, might you be willing to engage in some email conversation about Gunton's work? I would welcome this. -Mike

Andy Goodliff

Mike, I'd be willing, not sure how much help I can be, but if not, may well be able to point you in the direction of others who can.

mike tapper

Thanks, Andy.

I'm having trouble sending an email to your address at Oxford. Could you email me and then I'll return the favour?

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