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March 02, 2012



Good and helpful post Thank you!
I especially agree with your point 5
Instead of being irritated with each other we need to understand each other -
If you think about it that applies to a lot of areas of church life!

Richard Hampton

I think BUGB should have the courage to say sorry.

John Roberts

Thanks Andy; I admire anyone trying to find common threads in the vagaries of that blog! It has certainly defeated me.

You have helped me by identifying bookish themes (points 4. and 5.) which may explain some of my incomprehensibility of the points being made. I have been reading the blogs wondering where this stuff comes from - I have a very diverse congregation to serve and scarcely anything they ever say has appeared in an identifiable form (though I'm sure it's in there if it could be translated [e.g. missional = witnessing etc.]).

My reflection so far would be that I don't think this conversation is going to get us anywhere if even those of us who are local Pastors feel it is bookishly beyond us. Maybe if 35 of the 40 voices had been relatively randomly selected members of Baptist churches it would have read less like a creative writing exercise and more like the truth?

I also suspect it would have been shorter, more repetitious, have no chance of being published in book form before or after the assembly but would have shown that most believers in Baptist churches have more of a sense of direction than those of us who purport to speak for them, a direction informed more like the fishermen than the marine biologist.

Paul Holmes

I join John in appreciation of Andy's attempt to see strands in the 40 blog and appreciate John's perception that its overall feel is of a creative writing exercise. Many seem to commence with the kind of hook preachers use or pastors when writing their piece for the church mag.. I quickly found that I didn't want to read beyond the hook. It made me crave bullet points - a craving that doesn't normally take me. Maybe some short, sharp, sweet suggestions now need to come in. Maybe I ought to contribute some.

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