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November 16, 2011


ian Tutton (Revd Dr) - Minister @ Hampstead Garden Suburb Free Church, London NW11

I don't know anything of the proposals, they haven't trickled down to the local church/minister yet, at least where I am. However, I would offer the following; the most precious resource that is available to the Baptist family is its cohort of ministers, and any changes need to ensure that the welfare, development and continuing formation of ministers is a top priority. There are too many regional ministers, but precisely because there are so many, they distort the way in which the Union as a whole, and in particular its ministers are able to influence its future direction. The Baptist Ministers' Fellowship needs to become far more vocal, active and influential on behalf of its member ministers, otherwise we risk disaffecting many. Rather than larger churches, and one presumes their minister(s) assuming responsibility for smaller churches, why have so many churches?


@Andy - Thanks for the post but are we in danger of over complicating matters? Surely BUGB first needs competent management in addition to transparent, inclusive and effective governance?

Andy Goodliff

Thanks CH, great to hear a voice from the past ... what do you mean by competent management? what does that look like?


@Andy - By competent management I mean, for example, that there needs to be a clear business plan, a clear long term financial strategy, a clear and accountable senior management structure etc. These are really very basic things that BUGB should have long had in place. I do think there has to be room for new talent and expertise within BUGB, both in senior management and on the board of trustees.

I do think BUGB needs to have an open and frank discussion about ecclesiology, particularly relecting upon its relationship with the local church. This conversation needs to extend far beyond the set piece events of the Council and the Assembly. However, we must not build our entire Baptist ecclesiology around the need for the central association to develop a medium term deficit reduction plan. That really would be a downgrade!

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