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May 27, 2011



Yes! Hart's book is not technical theology/philosophy, of course. It is a serious contribution to the conversation nevertheless, and its feistiness adds special attractiveness.


It is perhaps somewhat amusing because Hart is strongly associated with right-wing USA Catholics, notably via First Things.
Of course FT promotes the obnoxious notion that the Catholic church via the "authority" of the Magisterium is the ONLY source of Truth in the world.

Which means that all other faith traditions, including ALL forms of Protestantism are seriously deficient and/or full of false teachings and relativistic errors.


Of course, as an Orthodox theologian (and not a Catholic one), Hart's association with First Things' overarching ideology is not quite so straightforward, John. He clearly does not see the Magisterium as the only source of truth in the world. More, he has tremendous respect for Rowan Williams (a Protestant theologian to be sure).

Either way, whatever his eccentricities, it shouldn't prevent us from noting the depth and impact of his theological work. Love him or hate him I think the panel was right on in this regard.

David Morris

I like Hart; in fact, I heard him give a talk about Atheist Delusions. First Things is a mixed bag (I prefer Books and Culture because of the politics thing), but it's definitely ecumenical, even if you get the feeling the Catholics are telling you what to do. In any case, don't we think that there are serious defects in Catholic theology? If I didn't, I'd cross the Tiber in a jiffy :)

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