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December 01, 2010



If their has been so much "deliverance" then why is the entire human world in 2010 becoming more insane every day?

Even more so when there are now more Christians on the planet than ever before, and the fact that the entire world has been and is flooded with Christian propaganda of all kinds.

There are now more Bibles in existence than ever before. More Biblical commentaries, texts, "theology", Christian books of all kinds, comics. Plus electronic forms too. TV, radio, CD's, DVD's. Plus all the various internet forms: websites, blogs, Facebook, Youtube etc etc.

Plus why are there well over thirty thousand different Christian denominations, sects and sub-sects? Which of course are full of contradictory interpretations of the Bible. All of which are completely self-serving, with NO exceptions.


And your point is...?

Ed Franks

I am humbly slogging my way thru DAC's "masterful" tome and I will presume to comment on it by way of a my own "humble" review if and when I can figure out what he is talking about and/or if I live long enough to finish it! With a PhD in Economics and an MA in Theology, and plenty of time to devote to it, I expect, at my current rate of comprehension, to finish the book by Xmas. I've been studying it for a year now, taking much time per page, as I usually dissect the footnotes and then go to the referenced material itself if necessary, and it usually is.

BTW, I would like to not thank the editor who decided on the incredibly inconvenient endnote format and the much too narrow margins for easy annotating. I literally had to buy a .2mm Rapidograph pen so I could make legible margin notes.

I am reading this as a challenge from a former student of DAC's, as he knows I am a card-carrying, hard-core JBFA advocate, though I hasten to add that what DAC purports to be the conventional wisdom for JT is totally foreign to me. Enough for now.

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