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November 03, 2010



Andy, I thought SBHT had died a death. Or was that just some if the proposed volumes?

Andy Goodliff

I think those who may have said that we being a bit hasty. I think that titles that had been agreed and I guess contracts signed will still be published, which will still be a far few I think. I don't know whether new titles are being accepted into the series. I think some titles have gone to the new RPC CBHH series.


The Richard Bauckham book looks particularly interesting to me, but I can't find any kind of information about it online beyond simply the title...

Andy Goodliff

So far its just titles, it may well be Paternoster will relaunch their website at some point.

Mike Parsons

Nothing has died a death, all very much alive in the world of Paternoster! We are accepting some new titles for all our series, including SBHT. However, we have a fair few titles already in the process. Richard Bauckham's book does look interesting. Chapters on humanity's authority in creation, the poetry of trees, reading the sermon on the mount in an age of ecological catastrophe, and so on. The new website will be up soon.

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