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April 14, 2010


Andrew Picard

Hi Paul, thank you for the heads up on this series, especially seeing that it souonds like the Paternoster series might not be continuing through Koorong. I'm a Kiwi Baptist engaged in postgraduate study on baptistic themes, do you know if they ship internationally?

andy goodliff

Hi this is Andy Goodliff, Paul does not blog here. i suggest you email anthony cross with your question at: anthony.cross@regents.ox.ac.uk. I'm sure the answer is yes.

Andrew Picard

Woops, I meant Andy (he says blushing)! Believe it or not I read your blog regularly and really enjoy it :)


Despite not being a postgrad student or a baptist this sounds an interesting project, I've ordered a copy. Thanks for the notice.

Richard Eldridge


To answer Andrew Picard's question, yes we do ship internationally, including to New Zealand. Postage for a single issue to NZ is £5.56.

I'm writing from AlphaGraphics Nottingham and we actually put the eCommerce website together for Anthony Cross, as well printing 'Exploring Baptist Origins'. We also used to print various Paternoster series, including PBM, PTM, SBHT, SCHT and SEHT until the problems at IBS-STL UK.


Andrew Picard

Thank you Richard, I will be ordering a copy. Andy, thanks again for highlighting these books, your blog is a great resource for anyone interested in Baptist theology. I'm writing a MTh on Paul Fiddes' doctrine of God (also using the work of Colin Gunton for comparison), and, again, your blog is a brilliant resource! Thank you for all the work you put into your blog.

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