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March 20, 2010



Congratulations - a good likeness Andy! Every Blessing

Jason Goroncy

Awesome news Andy. Welcome to parenthood.

Paul Burnish

Congratulations Andy she is beautiful and you must be very proud. Enjoy Easter and your new daughter. May God bless her and the whole family.

Kalyan Das

Congratulations Andy and Hannah! What a beautiful gift at this time of year! Welcome to parenthood. God bless the three of you and your families.

Baptist Bookworm

Congratulations to you both.

Anthony R. Cross

Dear Hannah and Andy,
Congratulations on Kirsten Rose's safe arrival. We trust and pray that mother and baby are both well and be home soon, and that you're over the tiredness soon (little chance of that!).
Love and prayers,
Anthony, Jackie, Laura and Katja

Andy, Elaine & Bethany

Love & strength
Andy, Elaine & Bethany x

Nick Smith

Congratulations, she's beautiful (and we love the name). Much love, Nuck & Leslie

vanessa rye

hi Andy and Hannah, congratulations she's beautiful enjoy every moment even the sleepless ones!!
love Vanessa R

Douglas Campbell

She's gorgeous! Congratulations. You're going to have to learn to blog with one hand. Douglas Campbell


Congratulations Andy and Hannah! She's Beautiful! How very exciting!!

Mim Pugh

She will definitely be a blessing to many people! Massive congratulations Hannah and Andy- Kirsten Rose is beautiful.
much love from us all-
Mim, O Ella Charlie, Imani & Cerys x x x x


Congratulations, Andy!


absolutely beautiful!!

Andy Scott

Wonderful news! Such lovely photos! May God's blessings be upon you all.


Congratulations. A new chapter begins, pages yet to be written :-)

Hope you're all doing well x
With our love the Davies x

Jeny Royal

Hannah, Andy and Kirsten Rose,
Congratulations to all three of you! Exciting news ...and great day to have a birthday!
love Jenny and Cliff


as everyone has already said, CONGRATULATIONS and many, many blessings for you life together as Kirsten Rose grows and blossoms.


Fantastic news - brings back memories. God bless the 3 of you, and I hope you get to savour each precious moment as a family: the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Hi congratualtions and every blessing to you all ... i bet this blog entry get the most hits of this year. No better a partner for reflection of life than a child ... so happy for you all ... now i must go and tidy up after Niamh

Jennie Lee

WONDERFUL news - life will never be the same again - it just gets better and better. She is the beginning of a new adventure in God, for all of you. May you know the peace and wisdom of God in all your parenting.
with love Jennie and David (who, incidentally, now shares his birthday with Kirsten Rose)

Mark Macaulay

Wonderful news. Welcome to the world of sleepless nights. Love from Mark, Liz and Tina

Paul Fromont

A precious gift. Congratulations Andy and Hannah.

Richard Goodliff

Congratulations Andy & Hannah and welcome to Kirsten, hope you 3 are all well - hope to see you soon - lots of love Richard & Gilly x


Brilliant news Andy and Hannah!Hope you get plenty of rest! Hope to catch up with all 3 of you soon!


Chris & Breeze

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