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January 23, 2010



As long as people insist that others believe like they do there is no hope. And as long as Christians keep insisting that Jesus is God and that those who do not belive this will go to hell then how can we ever expect the people of other world religions to like and respect Christians who are condemning people if they do not accept Jesus as Christ-God.


How can you possibly have Christian unity when there are how many thousands of sects, large and small, who are ALL competing for market share.


There's a whole chapter on polyphonic ecumenism in my gathering dust PhD, and I agree about the need to heighten awareness and representation at such bodies. Sadly our baptist ecclesiology is often interpreteed in a way that makes us very parochial and unengaged with the wider chruch and indeed often suspicious and condescending of it: alot of baptists will only see value in ecumenical cooperation if it is a joint project to do something. All that said what i preached about yesterday was the unity that is found through missional engagment and practical cooperation: if there is a future, and i hope there is, then perhaps the doctrinal and liturgical materials will emerge from a newed missional endeavour.

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