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January 13, 2010


Lucy Wright

Thanks for alerting us to this Andy, I look forward in anticipation to this new series.


I agree about the appalling cover, which will say to many people "not for everyone". But maybe the publishers think that everyone looks like the people on the cover. Not in my church they don't. I would be embarassed to display this here. A shame, because the series sounds very exciting.


PS. Is it too late to get the publishers to change the cover? I would have thought with a title like the ". . . for everyone" series, any cover featuring a group of people is going to find it hard to reflect the title, and a cover like the Tom Wright series would be much wiser. Do you know who is publishing it in the UK?

andy goodliff

I think the SPCK cover (i'm guessing they will be the UK publisher) will be like the Tom Wright NT series. The American publisher of the Wright's series as a similarly bad cover.


Looks like the UK covers are now on display.

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