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January 10, 2010



I'm inclined to think this is a harsh review, Andy. From my experience of second marking essays on ecclesiology for Spurgeon's, I know that quite a few students have made good use of this festschrift.

Andy Goodliff

Hopefully, I've made clear too that I think it a harsh review. Its typical Beasley-Murray.


Yes, you did make it clear. I was agreeing with you!

Stephen Henwood

I think we need to be cautious about criticizing a reviewer. It is an honest opinion and the fact the first comment refers to marking in a Baptist Theological College may reflect more than a reviewers thoughts about the book. There may be a spot of familial loyalty in the comment. PBM pastors a church in excess of 350 members - If harshness was typical there would be more leavers than joiners.


Stephen, no one is saying that harshness is typical of PBM as a person. Besides, all Andy was doing was reviewing a review. And my comment about second marking at Spurgeon's applies to this quotation from the review:

'... in spite of the aim of the editor for this to be 'a book for Baptist churches', it will also have little appeal to pastors and ordinary members of churches.'

All I'm saying is that it has had some appeal to 'pastors and ordinary members of churches' - unless, of course, students fit neither of these categories, in which case PBM is right!

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