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December 09, 2009



Spurgeon's doesn't carry Modern Theology. I've never found it that exciting a journal, but I'm going to try to get hold of the Fodor/Cavanaugh article and the Hight/Bohannon one. This latter article sounds interesting and, judging by the abstract, possibly controversial to a good Guntonite like me!

andy goodliff

Gunton was on the editoral board for a long time ... its an interesting collection of articles, as i suggest above, looking at where theology is and what it might or needs to look like in the future from some of today's leading voices - ford, hauerwas, milbank, tanner ... it would been interesting to compare this with similar articles from webster, holmes, torrance, jensen - and perhaps also imagine what gunton might have said.

I guess its a strong milbank kind of journal (he's published 12 articles in 25 yrs)

the journal has been published critical readings of the zizioulas/gunton cappadocians for a number of years - see the 2002 special edition on gregory of nyssa

Andy Rowell

See also
R.O. Flyer
Milbank and the papal cosh

James K. A. Smith
25 Years of "Modern Theology"

It seems the issue is viewable online but that may just be because I am at Duke accessing this page:

Andy Rowell

Sorry, the issue is not accessible online to everyone. But you may have access to it online through your local public library. Look under Magazines and see if you have Academic Search Premier.


Andy, what is your take on the Coakley et. al. critique on Zizioulas/Gunton reading of the Cappadocians?

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