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June 05, 2009



My wife put me off the Shack she was so frustrated with it she threw it in the garden!

andy goodliff

The thing that annoyed me most was the description of the author on the back enjoying the 'wastefulness of grace' - oh shut up with your hippy christianity.

Nigel Coles

cheers Andy - you're a brave man - I wouldn't dare enter into a debate about the quality of literature as they often end up like those about art and music! However, I wont disagree with you on that either. I must admit I didn't come away feeling the negativity about the church and whilst it's true, it's there, I'm not nervous about how someone not yet a Christian would be put off by that - unless they use it to confirm their previous bad experiences. Someone has just lent a copy to my sister-in-law 'you might like this' - the reader is not yet a Christian who just picked it up somewhere - I'll ask her what she thought about it as these are the opinions I'm really interested in the most.

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