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November 28, 2008


simon jones

Sounds like a good idea. If one were set up, I'd join! I'd be particularly interested if it sought to bridge the understandable gap between those doing theology in the academy and those doing theology in the local church


You are really going to lose some friends if you identify the UK (third line) with England (last line), Andy...

Seriously, how would you do it? I was nearly five hours driving yesterday, and Glasgow is pretty local to St Andrews in UK terms. I have never yet made it to a Baptist Historical Society event, because they are all far too far away.

andy goodliff

I hadn't notice that I had used 'UK' - thanks Steve. I deliberately used 'english' later, although I'd want to include anyone from wales if they wanted.

craig gardiner

Just about to make the same uk/ English comments
especially for a N Irish guy living in Wales.

All the same I'd try to make such an event!
just as long as you sing for us!

Maybe it could be arranged around the theme of some of the growing theological concerns of Council???

ps Steve and Andy what on earth are you doing up
at 01:37 and 02:45 ... or did the post get stuck in the ether til then

andy goodliff

Craig - its 1.37 and 2.45 in the afternoon. I think it would be very strange if we were still in bed.

No more singing from me, you cheeky man!


I am deeply offended not appear on your list. Don't you know I am from the UK? Or perhaps you think ....

andy goodliff

oh apologies apologies Glen, always the way with lists, some one always get missed off ... i definitely think you're theologian worth listening too ... as is everyone else ...


OK so that's the welsh, the irish the scots and me that you've managed to miff - is this a record for one post?

Devon Jones

I would like to know if by any chance, The Scottish Baptist Theological Society would like to teem up with the Antioch Bible Society and exchange ideas sometime? The Antioch Bible Society once was called the Baptist Theological Sciety, and we believe much the same things.

pastor stewart

i being a Stewart and of scott decent - a born-again believer from age 14 until now and i am now 63 would like to know the doctrine of the scottish baptist. also when the baptist first came to Scotland. i believe that King James was also a Scott - trained by the scotts as a boy - am i right - me mother name my sir name ronald - mighty and strong in meaning - also a gaylic name so i am told - i studied the movement of the baptist into England in the first centry a.d. - thanks - Lord Bless - ron

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