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September 01, 2008


R.O. Flyer

Looks great, thanks! Hopefully someone will record it for the rest of us.


Yes, this sounds amazing. Will you be there? Or perhaps in a position to somehow acquire copies of these lectures?

Andy Goodliff

if only i could be there, but oxford to aberdeen is a long way ... the lectures will definitely end up being published ... but it would be good if someone there could at least blog about it.

Liam Byrnes

I would certainly like to be there, as I live in Aberdeen but these conferences tend to be set up between mon-fri and I have no annual leave left to take. I wonder if anyone I know might take some notes I could get hold of. It is likely to be mentioned at least by Scott Prather who is a PhD at Aberdeen under John Webster - http://scottprather.blogspot.com/

and by Theology Forum a blog by other PG Students at Aberdeen who I dont know. http://theologyforum.wordpress.com/

Hope this is of use. I would also be interested to hear of any great excuses I could give my boss for going to a theology conference?

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