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June 09, 2008


David Lewis

Hi Andy

As the only church in our part of the community, we are seen as the 'Parish' church, and get a lot of enquiries from families who want their child 'christened'(that's the word that is most often used).

We are a Union Church (Baptist and URC), and so offer the possibility of both infant blessing and infant baptism. We have recently taken the decision to be more careful about the number of infant baptisms we do, because of the promises that are made not only by the parents and friends, but also by the church. But the infant blessing that we offer is more than the usual Baptist thanksgiving or dedication service. We have developed it into a simple naming ceremony as well as giving thanks for the birth of the child, and praying for the child and the parents. And we also make room for parents to ask certain members of their family or friends to stand alongside them and make particular promises about helping to bring up the child.

If you like I can let you have a copy of the order of service that we've put together.

(Tongue in cheek, regarding your second idea, are there only four contemporary Christian song writers, because you say 'the four...')

Best wishes



These all sound interesting. Which four song writers?

I have some stuff I put together for a church I worked with in Manchester with a few variants on infant blessing services. Much/most of it was cribbed form published work, but if you want it (typos and all) I can undoubtedly find an electronic copy and email it to you.

Marcus Bull

Hi Andy,

The dissertation on Baptists & children sounds fascinating. I'd love to see a copy at some point (when it's finished!).



My understanding of a Baptist Theology of children (I'd argue that there isn't a clearly defined one!!) has been shaped massively by the BA Theology in children's ministry that I'm finishing but also by my pastoral experience in the church I have been in for 25 years (and soon to be leaving:::::sniffs:::::)

You may have this already Andy but the booklet issued by the BUS; gathering together in one place the views of contemporary children's ministry thinking/theological ideas in one place is an excellent reference document. Do feel free to contact me (email address is on my blog somewhere) if I can help further.
{Baptist Union of Scotland: 2005 Children, Church and God: Some Baptist Perspectives}

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