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March 24, 2008


Kevin Davis

I was generally impressed as well, but I still don't know what to think about it. There was quite a bit of added (i.e., non-scriptural) dialogue, which, for this dogmatician at least, is always dangerous territory. But, the Caiaphas background stuff was excellent. I was perplexed by the Last Supper scene where one of the apostles turns to another and states, "He can't turn wine into his blood." I don't remember that in the gospels (unless you want to conflate Mark 14 with John 6).

The most intriguing, and surely controversial, parts of the series were the questioning of Jesus about his mission -- in two scenes in particular, when talking to his mother and when in the garden. I wasn't especially disturbed by it, since I probably have a little higher kenoticism than your average Christian -- but, still, half or more of the dialogue in these sensitive parts are added/non-scriptural. On the other hand, Jesus also makes perfectly clear statements about his death and resurrection, including that this will be for the conquering of death and the forgiveness of sins.

Overall, the very welcome addition to this new Jesus movie is that Jesus is finally human and not some spaced-out Eastern monk with no attachments. This is a Jesus who shows emotion and values (even needs) the relations around him.

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