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December 10, 2007


Ben Myers

Hi Andy — here are some more:

Eve M. Tibbs, East meets west: Trinity, truth and communion in John Zizioulas and Colin Gunton (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2006).

Hans Schaeffer, Createdness and Ethics: The Doctrine of Creation and Theological Ethics in the Theology of Colin E. Gunton and Oswald Bayer (PhD, Theol. Univ. Kampen, 2004; also published de Gruyter, 2006)

I. R. W. Mcdonald, Contingent and created: the significance of the concept of createdness for a theology in dialogue with science, with special reference to the works of Colin E. Gunton (Ph.D., Edinburgh, 2005)

Steven L. Wiebe, Christian theology in a pluralistic context: A methodological and constructive inquiry in the doctrine of creation (Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2005) [focuses on Gunton and Ninian Smart]

Shung Ming Chiu, The displacement of subjectivity by particularity and relationality: a study of Colin E. Gunton's critique of modernity and his trinitarian theology of culture (PhD, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2001)

Randal Curtis Lyle, Social trinitarianism as an option for 21st century theology: A systematic analysis of Colin Gunton's trinitarian paradigm (PhD, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2003)

Godfrey Chukwudi Ndubuisi, Assessing indicators of spirituality: Comparisons and critique grounded in Gunton, Volf, Lewin, and biblical theology, (Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2002)

S. Bachmann, Enigma Variations: the Imago Dei as the basis for personhood. With special reference to C. E. Gunton, M. Volf, and J. D. Zizioulas (Ph.D., Brunel, 2001)

Thomas Ehrmann Long, The viability of a sacrificial theology of atonement (Ph.D., Marquette University, 1999)

Also, a few notable Masters theses:

David A. Höhne, What can we say about perichoresis? An historical, exegetical and theological examination of Colin Gunton's use of the concept (Moore Theological College, 2004)

Grace Lee Paik, An analysis of Sallie McFague's metaphorical theology with special reference to Gunton's trinitarian theology of creation (MA thesis, Trinity International University, 2000)

William H. Shaw, The trinitarian theology of Colin Gunton: a contribution to the development of an interpretive tool and model for the theological engagement of culture (MA thesis, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2000)

David Thornton

Delighted to read of these other dissertations! I'm finishing my doctoral dissertation, "The Holy Spirit and human transformation in Colin Gunton and Jurgen Moltmann", St Andrews University, supervised by Jeremy Begbie.

Mick Stringer

Hiya Andy,

I have read a lot of the material that you have written about Colin Gunton. A couple of days ago I read your list of PhDs completed at King's under Gunton's supervision. Unfortunately the link to the list is no longer in operation. Is it still possible to access that information?



andy goodliff

mick - try again now. I think it should be there.

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