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December 18, 2007



Gumble isn't a theologian at all. If anything, he is a teacher and an evangelist...or at least that would be the intention. I'd hope even he wouldn't claim to be a theologian.


Ash, do you claim to be a theologian then? Aren't all Christians supposed to be theologians? If you write a book about God and life, you are certainly attempting to be a theologian. Whether he is great or not is a matter of opinion. I'm not a big fan either. I can't claim to be a "great" theologian myself but this sounds like theological snobbery. He's certainly more accessible to the average church goer than Barth! (great though he is).


Yes, it probably is theological snobbery. I don't see why that is a problem. There is a huge difference between the theological ability of Gumble and Barth. Should I pretend they are intellectual equals for the sake of charity? My answer is no.

I am afraid I do distinguish between academic theologians, and amateur theologians. I don't think being a church minister makes you a theologian, anymore than being a theologian makes you a church minister. Of course it is possible to be both, but not without preparation.

I do not think you can claim to be a theologian if you have never studied theology in any other setting than as part of ministerial training (certainly not in this century). Similarly, you could have a PhD in theology from Oxford and you still wouldn't be a priest.


Hi, Im John from Melbourne.

Out of curiosity I attended an Alpha course in my local church. Essentially it was religion for the simple minded.

Nicky Gumbel is not a great theologian it any sense whatsoever. There is not even a hint of any esoteric understanding in his work.

He is a promoter of the self-serving childish mommy-daddy "creator" god of conventional exoteric religion---the parental deity. This reference sums up the limitations of such a "god".



I agree that Nicky Gumbel is not a great theologian, but maybe he is a great thinker.

But who are we to judge? Whatever you think of Alpha, it has spread around the globe. There is surely some thinking of merit in it?


Sounds a bit pompous and condescending TBH. Is this your best example of celebrating the good? YOU can do better.


I am astounded at the christians on the net who feel obliged to review the work of other christians and you've got to wonder what is achieved by it
If you blokes are christians and you have a passion for theology, more power to you but why waste energy on such a meaningless past time as chritisism when you could be helping some ones' life and if you are considering having a go at me it's just a shame that you are hiding behind a computor.Get a life and help change a hurting world. You're better than this.

Dave Morton

Over 3 million peopl in the UK have done the Alpha Course, lives have been changed, for the better through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You are on very thin ice to criticise such a good thing. How are you getting on with the great commision then?

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