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October 06, 2007


Lucy Wright

I like this understanding of leadership, especially putting the emphasis on church meeting. Hope you are enjoying college, are you based with a congregation as well? Lucy

Geoff Colmer

This looks fascinating, but I'm not taken with the image of leader as conductor. This is appealing until you look more closely at the role of the conductor. This takes a lot of unpacking and we'll chat sometime, but the conductor only has a silent role in performance and much of the work happens in rehearsal. While the conductor enables, and often brilliantly, he/she only enables the person to carry out his/her will to the best of their ability and artistry. Not so long ago, it was common practice to refer to the conductor as 'maestro' which is a realistic presentation of the power that the conductor has. The conductor metaphor is one of control. Among the great and wonderful conductors, many have been harshly dictatorial, others more benevolent, but whatever their style, they are the interpreter of the music - essentially it is Haitink's Beethoven cycle, Sir Colin Davis' Berlioz, and Rattle's Brahms German Requiem. What might be explored is the image of the leader of a jazz ensemble, cf. Max De Pree, Leadership Jazz. Look forward to seeing you again. Geoff

andy goodliff

Thanks for this Geoff - this exposes the weaknesses in any image/metaphor. I felt the week left me with more questions than any real clear way of appropriately leading.

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