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October 01, 2007



Good post - and I'm glad you intend to keep on blogging.

I think we all go through various phases with it - novelty, boredom, change of emphases etc, etc.

Like you, I feel that through this cyberworld I have made some new 'friends' - even if in real life we might never meet or get on.

I have shared ideas and laughter with so many people, and even been lent a real live book by post by someone I met in blog land.

Two years in, I blog for myself more than for any particular audience. Some readers are real life friends, others I shall never know becuase less than 0.1% ever leave comments.

Keep on blogging - and I'll keep on visiting. Oh yes, and enjoy Oxford.

simon jones

Like Catriona, I think i blog for myself; I blog to clear my head and think out loud in a safe place - most of the people dropping by are likely to think similar thoughts or offer helpful and well-meant suggestions as to why a different line of thought might be useful. I also know I've got froends out there I've never met but who i'd probably get on with if I did. And I enjoy blogging; it has a therapeutic quality about it - possibly because I know a train of thought is not going to be interrupted by anyone as it might be if you were sharing it at a church meeting or down the pub. Soi i'm glad you're continuing to blog - because I like your style.

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