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September 10, 2007



It is a great book, isn't it. Also, it is a good example of historical theology at its best.

I wish more Baptists would read Fowler.

Have you had a chance to read 'Baptist Sacramentalism'? There's a nice (and very welcome) growing collection of books on the topic.

Stan Fowler

Thanks for the kind review of my book. It's good to know that others are thinking about baptismal theology. Perhaps Baptists in general will begin to connect to the actual Baptist tradition, rather than the mythical version commonly asserted.


Wondering if there's been a similar recent treatment of the Lord's Supper? TIA for any help.

andy goodliff

Other Baptist or baptistic studies include:

Given for You: how communion shapes character by Eleanor Kreider

Baptists at the Table by Michael Walker (1992)

and chapters in Promise and Presence by John Colwell (2005), Tracks and Traces by Paul Fiddes (2003), and the edited collection of essays called Baptist Sacramentalism (2003), and there will no doubt be some in the forthcoming sequel (which should be out later this year) called Baptist Sacramentalism 2

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