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August 15, 2007


michael jensen

Good to see that both my supervisors have rated on this list!


A good list, but is it too chronologically imbalanced?


I just recently stubled onto your blog. Thanks for the recommendations. I was wondering where yout thought Richard Hays Moral Vision of the New Testament ranked among books on ethics?

andy goodliff

the list of course is deficient and generally reflects only the last the 20 years.

Hays' moral vision is good. it certainly covers a lot of ground. i think he gets into problems with the focal images (see brian brock's comments in singing the ethos of God)

Johnny A. Ramirez

This is a very good list. I would add "The Doctrine of God and Theological Ethics" edited by A. Torrance and M. Banner although I would say that it lacks a unified push (not a failing being as it's a collection of essays) and one can find the same push, against the estrangement of Christian Ethics and Scripture in a shortened but concise form in the introduction of Singing the Ethos which you mentioned already.

Hal Jorden

Shouldn't the Bible be on that list? lol

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