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July 03, 2007


jim gordon

Hi Andy, I confess I am becoming a collector of blog miss-spellings, my own included.Your second confession is about 'theological conservations' - is this a subliminal yearning for the known, the familiar, the predictable, and even the 'sound'?!? Just kidding..and I haven't read a purpose driven thing either - does that make us aimlessly driven, or purposefully relaxed, or just sensible people trying to live our lives free of someone else's agendas?

Dave Rattigan

I confess: I'm a gay liberal Anglican who still enjoys reading theology blogs by Baptists. ;)

andy goodliff

Jim. thanks for the correction. My dad is always telling me to read my work through!
I resist books which seem formulaic and becomes not just a book, but a keyring, t-shirt, calendar etc ... the gospel or discipleship becomes something we market rather than cultivating those habits and practices which emerge from following Jesus

jim gordon

Andy,decided to play around with the idea that evangelical theology is dry and boring over at my blog - not having a go at your confession, just using it as a chance to highlight the good the bad and the ugly in Evangelical theology - and while acknowledging the bad and the ugly, wanting to put in a word for the good.

Hope to meet you later in the summer when we are around Oxford for the College Staff jamboree (sorry conference).

andy goodliff

i saw your post and agree with it. when you say later in the summer - i don't think i start until end of september.

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