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July 01, 2007



Yeah, I liked that list.

I also think that Gunton et al write far better than Milbank and co - and that's really saying something as I don't think that Gunton wrote very well!

andy goodliff

why don't you think Gunton wrote very well?


I too, would take The One, The Three, and the Many over Theology and Social Theory anyday.


Andy, I'm afraid that - as valuable as I find his ideas and contribution (and I will thus not stop reading him - I've always just found him boring to read.

I have to intentionally wade through unti I can sit down with a Pint and then I go, "Huh, that's cool..."

Of course, these things are thoroughly subjective. I have two friends, one of whom thinks Barth is easier to read than JK Rowling, but has to plod through Calvin and one who is the exact opposite!

For me, I've always struggled to read Gunton, not because I don't understand him. I just don't enjoy him.


Neoplatonic, nostalgic, bourgeois and militant - that's a really good summary of my struggles with RO.

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