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June 06, 2007



The two others I know are:
i) Catholic Anarchy (http://catholicanarchy.org/) by Michael J Lafrate a phd student in Catholic Social theology.

ii) Aaron Ghiloni (http://www.aaronghiloni.blogspot.com/) a Phd student at Queensland University on John Dewey and his theological relebvance.


As someone usually accused of being too academic, I can honestly say that I couldn't care less if a blogger is a phd student or not.

Jason Goroncy

Andy. The 4 (regular; there are lots of part timers out there who prefer to actually work on their thesis) bloggers that immediately come to mind are:

Reno Lauro (http://lauro.blogs.com) - at St Andrews.

Michael Jenson (http://mpjensen.blogspot.com/) - at Oxford.

Chris Tilling (http://www.christilling.de/blog/ctblog.html) - at Tübingen

Dan (http://americasyoungtheologian.blogspot.com/) - at Aberdeen


andy - stuart Blythe aka http://thewordatthebarricades.typepad.com/ is a PhD student (part time)

andy goodliff

thanks for the other names. I know and read some of those blogs already ...

Graham, I wasn't trying to suggest anything, apart from that its good to see more blogging by PhD students and thereby bringing their research into a wider conversation. I guess the impression sometimes of doing a PhD is that its something you do by yourself with only a pile of books and maybe some fellow students for company. I like that those involved in academic theological study are engaging those who are not.

Dan Morehead

Jason...thanks for noting mine; like Scott, I'm working under Webster at University of Aberdeen.

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