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June 22, 2007


Sean Winter

Hi Andy

I knew this was on its way - but am delighted to see the news confirmed. As one of the College Governors it is good to see that Regent's will be continuing its work in training future generations of Baptist theologians


Congratulations, Andy!

It's just a shame it isn't Spurgeons! ;-)


Congratulations and every blessing.

I'm sure you'll thrive on the atmosphere and make me feel thicker than ever - where do you get time to read all these books and have good insights from?

I'm not willing to enter into 'my college is better than your college' games but am sure Regents will be blessed and enhanced by your presence.

Paul Fromont

Congratulations and all the very best Andy. I'm hoping it will be a very fruitful time for you.


congratulations, Andy! hope you have a ball, and enjoy all those libraries...


Good news, all the very best. I pray that you will be able to to make the most of the opportunity.


Great news Andy, it's good to see God's leading so clearly.

Grace and peace

andy goodliff

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments ... I'm really looking forward to september and all those libraries!


Congratulations Andy, I sence this will be a place in which you flourish.

Andy S

Fantastic news, Andy! May God bless you in all the days that lie ahead. I can recommend doing post-grad studies alongside ministerial formation... a great way of being a 'reflective practitioner'!


I'm trying to help my daughter with her GCSE Marks Gospel coursework for R.S. She has a good understanding of the texts but is struggling with writing about how the teachings might affect the lives of christians today.

Can you help please?

simon jones

Congratulations Andy - I'm sure you'll be an asset to the college and benefit from its relaxed atmosphere.


Many congratulations! I hope I get the chance to buy you a coffee in Oxford if there is a time when you are not at College or the Bodlean!

Simon Harry

You don't know me but I'm afraid you soon will. Glad to hear you are coming to Regents next term. I am about to start my third year on the ministerial course. Have enjoyed looking at your website in the past and look forward to meeting you .


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