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May 18, 2007



Andy, a lot of good stuff here.
I'm not sure Mission-Shaped Church report 'got the Anglicans moving...' More, it was largley a response to what Anglican groups were already doing, saying 'this is good' and trying to encourage more of it.

andy Goodliff

mission-shaped church release money in a big way, there was no fresh expressions before, but i agree there was some going on. mission-shaped church gave it legitimacy.

Tom Allen

Interesting summary - perhaps emerging is usefully semi-divided into "emergent" which has a definite denominational format in the States and the more general emerging.

Missing is the more catholic "Missional Church" which emerges from Roman Catholic and the high anglican traditions (plus also comes out of the alternative worship movement which was more catholic in the North of England than your summary suggests)and focuses on themes like " missio dei" and new forms of small group church, and relating to the innate spirituality which is ignored by mainstream Church. It suggests that secularism is a myth and post-Christendom the more dominant cultural norm is a divine gift. People have lost contact with The Church but not with God, and find most lively forms of Church cheesy. Its core text is perhaps Hosea 6:6 "For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings".


Do you have to be a lecturer at King's to join in? ;)

More semi-seriously, I feel rather wary of a movement so young which has "major players" already. Surely the point is that emergent things emerge? If you can identify "major players" its at a risk of reproducing the boring old prepackaged McChurch...

andy goodliff

'major players' is probably the wrong term. the names are just some of the people who are actively involved in the emerging church conversation and I put them down as good starting points if you've never come across it before.

Jason Clark

That's a great roundup/summary Andy, thanks.

andy goodliff

Thanks for stopping by, Jason.

Peter Dominey

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