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March 02, 2007



Yes. Janet Soskice (Cambridge), John Drane (Aberdeen), Ben Quash (Cambridge), George Pattison (Oxford) Marilyn McCord Adams (Oxford) Nick Adams (Edinburgh)

andy goodliff

Thanks Maggi - I've heard of those people, just don't know their work. I've now included them. I've not included John Drane, because he is no longer at aberdeen. I think he's almost freelance now.


Andy - you might consider adding Michael Northcott ay Edinburgh


what do you mean by "theologians" exactly? Michael Banner is an ethicist really.

andy goodliff

Good question. You could say the same sort of about Tom Wright and Anthony Thiselton, who are really a new testament scholars. I guess I see in some cases the line is not so easily drawn.

I guess I see Michael Banner doing theological ethics, so his book christian ethics and moral problems and his contribution to the book (he helped edit) The Doctrine of God and Theological Ethics.

I guess the map is who (and others) see are the major players in the theological scene, who are making (or in some cases have made) an interesting contribution to british theology.

I should probably add yourself ...

Dave Rattigan

Since you've included other biblical scholars (ie not strictly theologians, eg NT Wright, Richard Bauckham), I am mortified that there is no mention of James Dunn!!!

andy goodliff

I think Wright in his role as bishop as branched out from being just a straight biblical scholar and his recent books on scripture and evil are theology. Bauckham is an expert on Moltmann and written vast quantities on his theology. Something like this will always be controversial.

Account Deleted

I wonder - whether you should describe what you have offered as 'publishing theologians' in the UK. That in turn however, reinforces theology not only as an academic act, but an academic act the value of which is somewhat determined by the publishing industry. To be sure the local, the indigenous, the popular, may be difficult to determine - but I just find myself a wee bit uneasy by some of this...perhaps that is unfair.


so John Drane is not in because he doesn't have a university position? I'd like you to write a post about what theology is and who does it. Seriously! is it practitioners, writers, teachers, academics or...? where you put the boundaries affects what you are saying. I'd love to know more about the motivation for and thinking behind your map, which I'm finding quite interesting... :)

andy goodliff

Stuart - maybe the whole map is unfair. of course in a sense everyone is a theologian and I wouldn't want to suggest otherwise, but there are some for whom it is a living, who are voices that have some weight (rightly or wrongly, and I tend towards rightly) because they have dedicated their life to the theological task. I think the best theologians are not just academics but involved in the life of the church, there interest is in the theological life of the church - church dogmatics as it were.

Maggi - i guess because I was doing it by location, where do I stick drane? Is he still living in aberdeen? I don't want to to suggest he shouldn't be on the map. My map was just a whim and bit of fun, (started a bit of a conversation though), looking at who is doing theology (I guess full-time and as living\vocation?) and where around the uk. I guess it reflects some of my theological preferences and recognises those persons who have a theological weight - I guess recognised by where they teach or live and their published works.

I think, 'theology' as a discipline is often pushed out of churches and seen as that thing that is done by the academy, whereas I think we are in desperate need for theologians in the church to help us narrate our lives.

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