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January 25, 2007



Andy - thanks for posting this I feel in a very liminal space at the moment!

Charles Cameron

In introducing a series of Bible Reading Notes, covering the whole of Scripture (see my blog), I used the idea of a journey - 'Welcome to an exciting three-year journey of discovery. On this journey, you will visit places you know well. You will also travel to places you hardly know at all. There will be places of blessing - places where you will meet with God and be blessed by Him ... May God bless you richly as you journey with Him to the many places of blessing found in His Word' (This quotation is not from the blog. It's from an earlier printed version). Our journey often seems like a 'long and winding road'. Nevertheless, we rejoice in this - the God of grace is leading us home, to Himself.

chris woollett

Hi andy,

remember me from the good old Kings days. Was, for some reason surfing the net for pics of Colin Gunton and came across your site. Very impressed! Great to see all you're doing-is this occupational or recreational? I am married (as you know) with 2 children: Amelia and Oliver, 3 and 1 and am a qualified teacher, teaching RE at a C of E secondary school in Tunbridge Wells.
What's your story?

andy goodliff

Good to hear from you chris. I'm currently a part time youthworker in stevenage and part time NQT RE teacher. I'm married to hannah. The blog's a bit fun, a place to connect poeple in to the likes of gunton and to think about church and stuff. Glad you're doing well and putting that theology degree in to practice.

Jim Gordon

Hi Andy

I am slowly making my way through Eliot's Four Quartets, and the couplet "Far I have come, far I must go" has the same underlying ambiguities that make Eliot so satisfying in these four poems. No cheaply bought certainties, no specific directions other than that of not standing still. And a sense of inner compulsion, even impulsion, "far I MUST go". May God precede your going, wherever that is to be for you and your fellowship.

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