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November 15, 2006


Account Deleted

I think that the eco friendly toilet paper rather than the extra fluffy soft quilted stuff with aloe vera is a step too far!

Seriously (perhaps that last comment was) I learned such a lesson about the environmental stuff from my mate David. We were staying with him in Canberra Australia. He recycled. We were not used to this. He did not lecture us. Such a gentle guy. But whenever we put in the bin stuff that could be recycled he simply with a pained look on his face went into the bin took it out and put it in the right box. Saying nothing but through his actions he taught us that it mattered and it mattered enough to him to go out of his way to do it. We now recycle lots and whenever I'm tempted not to bother I think of David going into the bin...

Marcus Bull

Thanks for this, Andy. I've copied and posted it on my blog. Some great ideas!! I'm sure we have a responsibility in the church about this stuff ... but we're generally not very good at it.


theres an org called 'a rocha' http://en.arocha.org/ukmembers/index2.html Christians concerned for the envirionment. they have good ideas and good resources.

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