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September 20, 2006


Account Deleted

Hi Andy, hope that you are doing well. Interested in what you are saying. recently came across a book called 'The Way of the Preacher'. What was interesting about this particular book was that in his study of the Dominician monks he pointed out that these monks lived by a rule, but rather than a static communal rule was a wandering itinerant rule in the world. He contrasted the Acts 2 model of 'church' and associated 'rules' with a Jesus wandering style and associated Dominician rule - in terms of your own thinking how would you understand the ideas of 'living by a rule' that you want to explore. Sincere regards. Also suggested your blog to a student who is looking at ideas of Baptist sacramentalism and stuff like that - hope that was okay.

andy goodliff

Thanks for the comment Stuart. I'm always happy for people to share my blog address. Hopefully I'll be able to respond to your question at a later date when we've thought it through

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