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May 07, 2006



Again, thanks for this Andy.

As a PCC person at my church, i recently had to fill in a series of questionaires for the Deanery/ Diocesan review. A lot of the questions were about young people, outreach etc.

And then there were a few questions on Young people in the Sunday Service. There is a clear need there, I think, to bring the young and old into dialogue with each other. It does not seem right to me that young people are sent out every week, save once a month for the 'all-age service' which, again, seems only to appeal to either the young or the older, and not to both.

But I was also forced to conclude that I couldn't figure out a way out of this. How can the church appeal to babies, children, toddlers, teenagers, young couples, middle-aged singles, families, old couples, widows, widowers and so fourth... how, all simultaneously, can we engage these people?

I think we must work toward this. And I'm glad to see some more coherant thought on it here :o)


andy goodliff

I think a number responses can be made to how church appeals - firstly it's God's job not ours - God through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God appeals to all ages; secondly, with imagination - we have little or no imagination - let's get some or rediscover some!; and thirdly recognising that in worshipping together we are learning how to be a community together and so the focus is on how I, the individual, worships God (me-centred worship), but how can I enable others to worship God.

Account Deleted

Hey andy,
I came accross you blog and I am looking forward to reading more. I to am reading much of the same stuff as you and I like hearing others dialogue about it. I too am a youth worker (in boulder, co), and a recent college graduate... peace and grace.

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