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May 22, 2006



Opus Dei's website might help.

Most films like this are drawing on the imagination, building a fake history that is more interesting than reality, or replaces secrets.

Stigmata was an interesting film, but concerned with fiction. National Treasure was a vaguely good film, but I doubt the freemasons are the modern Knights Templar, and a doubt they have hoarded the entire treasure of the ancient world beneath Trinity Church, Wall Street.

They also, to some extent, play on various prejudices, and I think that is the down side. It is somewhat cheap to play to people's dislike of Catholicism, for example. The vatican is often portrayed as the big bad wolf these days, especially on its views on contraception. Think, for example, how such films would be received in places like Northern Ireland.

Also, as Jonathan Ross pointed out on Friday, there have been 68 albino bad-guys in films in recent years. I wonder what the albino community make of this?

That aside, I will be going to see this film this week. I don't expect it to be fantastic. But with Ian McKellen and Tom Hanks, I do expect it will be watchable.


Well, the nun was OK. But she didn't last very long.

andy goodliff

The nun was protecting the priory of sion, so I'm not sure again she was a model christian.

Account Deleted

I too thought that the film was slightly disappointing... it was a good summer blockbuster in that I was entertained for the full amount of time. But the main critique that i had of the film was that it was drastically Eurocentric. I thought it terribly convenient that Mary Magdalene went to France to give birth to her child, where her blood, in just a few generations, intermingled with the French Royal bloodline; Especially if you are trying to find divine legitimization to one's Royal authority. When they said that the "grail's true home is in France," that also made me frustrated. This seems to say the “truth” has always been in the hands of the privileged West, even since the time of Christ. But then again, it is just a story (but is anything ever just a story?)


Life is so busy at that I've not got to see the film yet, but I read the book and have posted some thought's on ways we should respond over at my blog. Steve Hollinghurst even comments on them which was very nice of him.


As least it proves what we knew all along: Jesus' bloodline is European! 8-|

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