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May 22, 2006



Reading Anthony Cross was so helpful to me when I began to re-think baptism. I'm sure it's more complicated than this, but sometimes it seems like he has kick-started a re-discovery of baptist sacrementalism one-handed.

How a generation read Beasley-Murray and apparently agreed, without becomming sacramentalists, is beyond me!


Hi Andy

Anthony trained at Bristol College and Cardiff during the late 80s, working initially in NT stuff (gospel tradition from memory). He then went onto pastorates in Cambridge and Bath, and from there to teach at Roehampton. Much of his work now is with Paternoster and he has been responsible for the explosion in Baptist academic publishing over the last 5 years or so.

andy goodliff

Thanks Graham and Sean. I'll update post accordingly.

Tractor Girl

Maybe I've missed something but is there a reason why all the Baptist theologians you have looked at are male?

David Wright

Anthony's second pastorate was at Calne Baptist Church, Wiltshire not Bath. When he left Calne he went to live in Bath.

Kimberly Falk

We went to Anthony's church in Cambridge and became good friends.I am trying to find out his mailing address. He and Jackie send Christmas cards each year with no return address.Can anyone help us?

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