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April 19, 2006



I don't think I know of anyone who can swing from the sublime to the ridiculous as well as John. I'm sure that if I were to list my favourite and least favourite writings, he would feature in both!

As it is, I push 'Living the Christian Story' on people as often as I can. I'm baffled that it's not more well known.

andy goodliff

Living the Christian Story has been a formative book for me. The chapter 'indwelling and identity' is brilliant. What by him would feature in your least favourite writings?


Probably 'The Contemporaneity of the Divine Decision: Reflections on Barth's Denial of Universalism', though - to be fair - I think I read it before I really got into Barth.

It justs reeks of everything that people expect/fear from a professional Christian thinker.

Pieter J. Lalleman

John left Spurgeon's in 2009 to become the minister of a local church in Devon. His successor at Spurgeon's in Dr Graham Watts.

Andy Goodliff

Pieter thanks for noticing I hadn't updated that. I was aware.

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