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February 24, 2006


Pete Lev

Interesting subject. I guess spiritual formation in unique to each individual, and hard to formulate. Never the less I'm sure there are things we could do and learn to do to help, and probably things we think are helpful that may not be. Part of the problem has been the lack of discipleship and genuine spiritual formation in older generations.


I know what you mean when you talk about what impact you are having. Realistically I know the impact I can have on the young people I work with is limited. I am but one influence upon their lives, and I am but one influence upon their discipleship.

I think key for us is to have a high impact on a few, who then in turn impact another few and so on. This too is not without its difficulties and disappointments but I think it's a way to go.


Have you read:
a) Kenda Creasy Dean - Godbearing Life
b) Soul Tending - ISBN 068703079X
c) Kenda Creasy Dean - Practicing Passion
d) Way to Live - dorothy Bass (and the accompanying handbook on the waytolive.org website)

I think these books might give you a few ideas...

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