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January 19, 2006


I think yes it is good to see how other people worship God in different places but aslo i think it does not really matter what church your in but that your worshiping God!!! Although i think it is right to be in a stable and sutiable place to worship God as God is so worthy to be praised in a great place!!


Sounds like a wonderful thing to do! I think a lot of us are probably too afraid to do this with our young people... we are afraid they will become 'one of them' or pick up some 'dodgey ideas'... all of which is a tad moot (to put it nicely).

I'm so glad you're doing this with your young people... I think it's pretty vital if we care at all about eccumenism.

Jon Bishop

Learning from the different traditions is a great thing. My youth group got together with a number of churches including Roman Catholic and Anglican (I am from a Baptist church) to do a prayer event for the Persecuted church and it was fascinating seeing the different traditions and their approach to prayer and worship. It was a real experience bring it all together in one place and allowing each other to experience God in new and creative ways.

If we werent a village church then the church crawl would be a really good idea. But I suppose its not impossible to organise tranpsort between them. (Sorry rambling to my own thoughts!)

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