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July 13, 2005



There're some fantastic thoughts; and they serve to remind me how fascination the Eucharist really is, with so much potential. If only I'd had some of these reflections to hand a couple of years ago, when our chapel was discussing whether to have the children open to taking the elements with us in celebrating communion. Luckily, they were allowed to in the end, as I’d advocated pretty much by instinct (my line being that they were part of the Church, and this is therefore important), and many now do. There's usually some quick story told to them beforehand, to ensure they have some gist of what's going on.

But I wonder about the possibilities in your use of a seder meal-structure of story telling, as a variant on the whole narrative (thus far I've pretty much only seen different versions of the Eucharistic prayer used). I’ll try and remember to bring it up some time, see what they think – perhaps the change, in itself, might be enough to help us look at Eucharist afresh (perhaps all the more notable for us, given how much food and catering features in our ‘extra-curricular’ activities!)

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