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June 15, 2005



well there is the old maxim "in essentials; unity in non-essentials; liberty, and in all things; love."

Or, as the Windsor Report prefers to call it "The Doctrine of Adiaphora."

I suppose, then, it depends what one feels is essential. The post-modernist in me would like to say "some vague notion of otherness" but that's not really viable in any sense. Indeed, even a faith in the triune God is not truely enough for some.

There are parts of the church I don't want to be allied with.. and unfortunately, that is true of everyone. Which leaves us in the position of having to force more things to be essentials.

all that aside, however, Ecumenism is the way forward, and I look forward to a growing realisation of this among Christians of all posses and crews.

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