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May 09, 2005



sounds like a very good read.
Plato used "dialogue" as the outworking of his philosophies; often using Socrates as his main character.


glad to see you've got your hands on some McLaren! I'm about half way through at the moment but other pressures are meaning that I'm making slow progress.

The addition of a commentary at the back of this one adds a different edge. I think the issue of hell lends itself to the conversational writing style better than a lot of his previous topics.

I'll look forward to more of your thoughts on some of the ideas in the book.


Scarey to think that we have misused the idea of hell to motivate others to think as we do or stop behaving in a certain way.

I seemed to be more intriged (spelling) by his use of salvation is grace, judgment is by works, as well as his mercy/judgment construct.

Either way one thinks about hell, if it doesn't help us love God and neighbor more, then it aint helpful. Good review.

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