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March 27, 2005



Of course, I can resonate with this muchly. I read an advertisement in the TV guide today that claimed McDonalds had "108 Happy Meal combinations for caring mums" or something. what utter tosh, any caring parent would NOT take their kids to McDonalds on a regular basis! but more than that... grilled chicken and carrots and jelly... it's still a variation on the same generic theme: utter crud with little imagination. reminds me of the generic standard way of singing "My Jesus, My Saviour" that is, twice through the whole song, repeat the last two verses, then repeat the last line 3 times.

I guess the point here is that I agree with what you're saying. We have these generic pre-packaged songs but we forget the "best before end" date. There is no room for alteration, just with or without ketchup.

And the classic hymns of our fore-fathers did not need best-before end dates: many of them are still poignant and relevant today, so long as the theology is sound... and it's not always, because we're not perfect.

but it's not just our worship that gets pre-packaged anymore unfortunately. we get McAlpha to alleviate all need to think of creative and locally relevant evangelism, and Super-Sized McCell Structures to impliment so we don't have to think about discipling people anymore. sad really.

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