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March 29, 2005



Any - I think you'd really like Hauerwas' new book "Cross-Shattered Christ" - it's a short book and I'd guess that you'd read it ina day or maybe two.

Here's a couple of quotes to wet the appitite,
"mystery names that which we know, but the more we know, the more we are forced to rethink everything we think we know".

"as soon as we begin to think this is all about us, about our need for forgiveness, bathos drapes the cross, hiding from us the reality that here we first and foremost see God".

enjoy the rest of you break.

andy goodliff

Brodie - I've already got it. I picked up "Christian Existence Today" yesterday, another one of his books. I've read most of Hauerwas' work now.


this is reminiscent of that Evil programme on channel four over Easter. Tom Wright was saying a similar thing... That it was by taking the worst that evil could throw at him that Jesus ultimately conquered it. Much of our thought says that it was the ressurection which overcame evil, but Wright was saying instead that it is the crucifixion itself which destroys evil; and it is the resurrection which is the sign of this, the completion, the seal.

He said that it's not simply about "me and my jesus" but it's about everyone ever. you're right in saying that when we think of Jesus as dying "for me" we reduce the act down to one simple selfless act... of which, actually, we are capable. Instead it is much much bigger than that- cosmic is a good word for this!

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