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February 21, 2005



this is, again, a fascinating article! i'm rather disappointed to find The Doctrine of Creation is about £30 used on amazon. I shall have to wait until I'm in close proximity to a good library it seems!

andy goodliff

Glad, you're enjoying the gunton stuff. You'll find it cheaper here, and I can get it even cheaper at the moment at £15. Having said that, its a heavy-going book and I recommend starting somewhere else first. The Triune Creator is first-rate, although difficult to get hold of - I have a used copy I got off amazon a few years back.


hey www.abebooks.co.uk have the Gunton book you are talking about from £9.54. Ok it's second hand, but they give a good description of the condition that the book is in.


thanks guys. I did look on ABE, but i always forget to convert the dollars to pounds, so it looks more.

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