New Matt Redman album due in September

Little time for blogging at the moment, with GCSE RE marking needing to be completed and then getting ready to be student minister at Manvers St Baptist, Bath for July and August. Matt Redman has a new album due in September. Redman is the leading worship songwriter of his generation. This is a new song from the album.

This is how we know
this is how we know what love is
just one look at your cross
This is where we see
this is where we see how love works
for you surrendered your all
This is how we know
that you have loved us first
and this is where we chose
to love you in return

For you so loved the world
that you gave your only Son
love amazing so divine
we will love you in return
For this life that you give
for this death that you have died
love amazing so divine
we will love you in reply Lord

Our love will be loud
our love will be strong
our love should be hands and feet
that you serve you in this world
so let us stay true
and let it endure
you will be glorified, worshipped and adored

Magnetic North

B000h8rzd001_ss500_sclzzzzzzz_v38255006_    Iain Archer's new album is great. I've enjoyed Iain's music since I saw him first at Greenbelt in 1994. He released Playing Dead (1994) and Crazy Bird (1996), before taking a break from music. Then in early 2000s he joined Snow Patrol and co-wrote the hit 'Run' for which he one an Ivor Novello songwriting award. He released Flood the Tanks (2004).